About the Chef

718368-aboutthechef-BODAbout the chef

Joseph Sciascia is the owner and executive chef of ‘Butler For Hire’, an exclusive business that offers a diverse platform of services to help keep today’s busy families chaos free. From catering, personal chef services, party planning and much more. Joseph provides quality assistance when you need it most. Let an experienced professional take your worries away, and enjoy the rewarding gift of time, with wonderful food, good friends and family. Joseph has been catering as a personal chef in private homes all over the Bay Area for almost ten years now. His extensive knowledge of food ranges from traditional dishes to gourmet cuisine, and with exquisite presentation his meals are transformed into a delight for all of your senses. These tantalizing menus will excite your palet and make you feel pampered in sheer elegance.

From early on in his childhood, he was surrounded by the catering industry. Joseph grew up in a family owned catering business in Carson City Nevada, where his passion for food and entertaining developed.

“I think my real passion came from my first taste of my mother’s deliciously creamy and scrumptious cheesecake,” Joseph explains.

His family’s catering business had diverse clients, which included casinos and even three governors of Nevada. Joseph learned at an early age that food was comfort for the soul, and he felt the desire to give that contentment to others.

“Cooking is very nurturing” he describes, “it is a great gift that I like to share with people”.

Since the age of ten, Joseph has been experimenting with food and cooking for others. With over 25 years of experience to date, Joseph and the staff of ‘Butler For Hire’ know how to provide the essentials for entertaining.

Creating menus, recipes and planning parties has always been fulfilling and rewarding for Joseph. He utilizes only the freshest and finest produce, herbs, meat, poultry, and seafood. Butler For Hire delivers fine foods that comfort and represent the tastes and delights of the world we live in today.

Let Butler For Hire use their catering expertise, innovation and imagination, to turn your theme, idea or color scheme into a spectacular and delicious event

Me and my Mom, Kathleen, my biggest inspiration for my cooking and creativity for entertaining. She had always made it fun to learn how to cook as I grew up, whenever I visit her-I crave for mom’s cooking! and who wouldn’t?

If you would like recipes or party ideas, please go to my recipe blog site: www.recipeforaparty.com